Hey there !

My name is Romain Keramitas, I’m a Data Scientist by trade (whatever that means) and an Applied Mathematics Engineer by education, living in Paris.

I’m passionate about AI as a whole, but have been focusing mainly on NLP due to my work - although I’m quite interested in the less sexy aspects of ML, e.g. data scraping, data consolidation, or model serving.

I work at PriceHubble source{d} Artur’In and mainly code in Python.

If you’re wondering how I built this site, I used the static site generator Jekyll, with the minima theme (the unreleased version 3 on the master branch). You can go checkout the source code of the website if you’re curious 🤗 The website itself is hosted on a Scaleway instance, deployed using CircleCI, and served using nginx. Additionally, I used Gandi to register my domain name and configure DNS, certbot to get HTTPS certificates, and I use Plausible to gather analytics.

You can subscribe to the RSS feed if you want.

Disclaimer: Opinions :o